Balance in Your Life - 21 Jul 13

Fr Steve Voyt

Materialism vs. SpiritualismIn the Gospel Jesus gives us a challenge, a challenge to find some balance in our life.   A balance of the material world in which we live in and a spiritual world  that we hope to be a greater part of.  When we're in the material world, we have  work.  We enter the spiritual world through prayer.  How do we balance those two seemingly extremes.  It's very difficult.  Father asks us to find a balance that allows us to live in the material world with our eyes and heart set on the world yet to come.

In this very informative homily Father Steve explores many issues:  the "Rule of Saint Benedict;" the balance of work and prayer; the tradition of hospitality; the two pillars of the church, Martha and Mary; and the "Most important question you should ask yourself?"

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St. Patrick's Church at Moody Air Force Base