Feast of Corpus Christi - 2 Jun 13

Fr Steve Voyt

On this Sunday we celebrated the feast of the Corpus Christi, which celebrates the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist.  On this day we remind ourselves that in the communion that we share every Mass, we are receiving the very real and true presence of Christ into our lives.  The Eucharist is at the central core of who we are as Catholics.  We come together at the table of the Lord to share the body and blood the way He asked us to.

During this homily, Father Steve talks about substance vs. accidental quality of the body and blood of Christ.  He discusses transubstantiation and how we are the body of Christ.    Father Steve also reminds us how we draw strength from the Sacrament. 

This is a MUST LISTEN homily.

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St. Patrick's Church at Moody Air Force Base