Easter Vigil - 30 Mar 13

Fr Steve Voyt

Easter Vigil MassFather Steve baptized two people during this Mass.  Father Steve's homily reminds us that by our Baptism we have entered an unbreakable relationship with God and an unbreakable relationship with others in our community of faith. 

Father Steve speaks that our journey of faith is a journey that countless millions have undertaken before us.  We are connected to them by our bonds of Baptism.

People who have lived heroic lives.  We call them saints.  Who have set examples for us.  Over and over again the saints have said the same thing, "I wasn't perfect.  I had others to help me and with through their help I was able to put into practice that what I believe.  I've done what I was supposed to do.  Now you go do what you're supposed to do."

What are we to do with our faith?  What are we supposed to do the bonds of Baptism and the community we belong to?  We are not alone.  As we celebrate Easter, hopefully we get renewed.

We offer up that what we're afraid of and our fears and wants and needs and recognize that we have that unbreakable bond with God, who knows how we feel, and offers what we want in life, a connection with one another and our connection with Him.

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