Feast of the Holy Family - 29 Dec 13

Fr Steve Voyt

Feast of the Holy FamilyToo often when we speak of the Holy Family we think of the "perfect family."  All of us have this idea that we should have a perfect family, one that is free of problems and strife.  As we all know, this is impossible.  What we need to strive for is a "holy family."

There is a big difference between a "perfect family" and a "holy family."  A "holy family" is when we allow ourselves to be filled with God to overcome the differences in our family.   

Father asks us to reflect on our willingness not on how we can become perfect, because only God Himself is perfect, but to allow the perfection of God to make us holy.

In this homily Father Steve discusses how love is the key is having a holy family.  He also discusses that it's through a constant series of little sacrifices that we show our love to one another.

Father Steve also discusses forgiveness and its importance when we fail.

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