Humility - 1 Sep 13

Fr Ray Levreault

HumilityIn this homily, Father Ray talks about the lives of three saints and how they help us understand the concept of humility.  He begins with Saint Monica and how she humbled herself in the presence of God and placed her trust in Him despite her family troubles.  He also talks about Saint Monica's son, Saint Augustine, with an emphasis on one of his famous quotes, "Our hearts are restless until they rest in You oh Lord."  He explains how we have an emptiness feeling in our hearts that can only be filled with the presence of God.  Finally, Father Ray discusses John the Baptist and his humble life.

At the end of your life you're going to be judged on two things:  (1) How did you love God? and (2) How did you love your neighbor?  If we let God into our lives, both of these will come easy.  If your life is all about "you" then you must change.  Jesus is clear, do what you were ordained to do, then let God guide you along the path of your life.

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