Palm Sunday - 24 Mar 13

Fr Steve Voyt

Palm SundayIn this homily, Father Steve asks that you look at where you are spiritually.  If there is self denial of personal responsibility or denial that you need to change, then this coming week is the week to honestly look "in the mirror" and ask yourself, "How  can I begin to change?  What must I do differently?  How do I need to come back to God to celebrate that Jesus' death on the cross was done for me?"

And as its been written, even if you were the only sinner that ever existed in human history, Jesus would have died on the cross just for you.  So great is His love for you as an individual.

Why would we not want to enter into a relationship with someone who loves us so much He would do anything possible.  And in turn, how will we accept His love and allow ourselves to be changed?

Make this coming Holy Week as holy as possible for you.  We have and will continue to have individual life concerns (e.g., work, family, etc.) but they pale in when we put them in the bigger picture of how God has died for us, how he rose from the dead and offers that resurrection to us who are willing to participate in these saving events.

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