Preparing for the Coming of Jesus Christ - 17 Nov 13

Fr Steve Voyt

Prepare the Way of the LordAt the end of the liturgical year, the readings look towards the future of when Christ is coming back.  In general, the readings ask us if we're ready. 

In this homily, Father Steve discusses the four major support systems we have in our lives; namely, physical, mental, social and spiritual.  The strongest of these pillars is spiritual.  While the other three pillars are fragile, the spiritual pillar is strong because God never leaves you. 

Father Steve discusses how many of us are wrapped up in things that have no lasting value while others are immobilized by their fear from doing what they need to do.  Father Steve informs us how to find the peace we seek to break through that fear. 

Are you ready for the coming of Christ?  How much do you need to change in your ordinary lives to get ready for that which is extraordinary?  Listen to this homily if you're ready to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ.

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