Sacred Moments in Our Lives  - 21 Jan 13

Fr Steve Voyt

Eucharist Centered LifeIn the Gospel we hear how Jesus is invited into a special moment (i.e., wedding at Cana in Galilee).  All of us have different moments in our lives that we celebrate (e.g., birth of a child, graduation, getting married, etc.). 

In the Church we sacraments.  When we look at these sacraments , many times they occur at the same time as the special life moments (e.g., wedding) but with a sacrament, we celebrate with God.  That is what the sacramental life of the Church is all about.  We celebrate special moments but with a sacrament, we also celebrate the fact that in these moments God makes these moments sacred. 

Are we willing to allow our lives to be sacred by our willingness to allow God to become a part of these moments?

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