Recognizing God as Ultimate Authority - 24 Nov 13

Fr Steve Voyt

This Sunday is the last Sunday of the liturgical year, which is designated as Christ the King.

Father Steve stated we should be looking at Jesus as the ultimate authority in our lives.  Father stated there are many worldly things that claim to have power, which try to control us, but these "things" don't have lasting value.  The only thing that has lasting value is God Himself. 

If doesn't matter how far we've fallen from God's grace.  If we turn back to God and recognize Him as the ultimate authority, then we have the chance for that mercy and the forgiveness that we need then we'll get that grace to become that which we can possibly be.

Father asks us to think of the things that have crowded out Jesus in our lives then to ask God for the gift and grace to put Jesus front and center as the ultimate authority in our lives.

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